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Frederick Burnsworth
United States
The avatar I am using is belong to Kryptid, give him a thanking for a share!

Current Residence: Augusta, Georgia
Favourite Cartoon Character: Yusei Fudo
Personal Quote: "One must walk the path that oneself created, not other."
Now with a site revealing:…

NOTE: "The Translator Leak (1/10/14)" is the first Bullet, so count careful.
NOTE2: This journal will be deleting once the games are releasing in America, move all information to the uploading picture once it's safe to posting.

* Rosalina is the only Mario newcomer. (Bullet #2)
* Waluigi confirmed to remaining as Assist Trophy, as well as Toad confirmed to be Peach's Special Move (as seen in Direct). (Bullet #3)
* Diddy Kong returned on the release date of "Donkey Kong Country Return: Tropical Freeze", though the appearance of Dixie Kong is unknown. (Bullet #6 & #7)
* Ike has returned! (Bullet #12)
* Yoshi has returned! (Bullet #16)
* Kat & Ana A.T. has been replaced by Ashley A.T. (Bullet #18 and #19)
* Villager has a female costume, similar to Wii Fit Trainer got her male costume. (Bullet #24)
* Palutena is also newcomer, with her moves base on Uprising game. (Bullet #27)
* Lucario returned with his moveset from Brawl! (Bullet #31)
* Meta Knight has returned! As of 8/13/14. (Bullet #33)
* Little Mac returned as newcomer, rather than Assist Trophy. (Bullet #36)
* Pac-Man has joined the game. (Bullet #42)
* Captain Falcon has returned! (Unmentioned by fortuneteller)
* Though not mentioned, Ghirahim made an appearance as Assist Trophy, which support the idea that Ganondorf will returning as well. His introduce was same as if he was approaching in Hyrule Warriors - his appearance meant that main villain (Ganondorf) is coming, and that guy did it.
* Though not mentioned, Shulk has joined the team!
* As of RubenDaol21's being asshole to me, Zero Suit Samus is indeed added in this series, with new pair of boots; Jet Boots! Come with her, Sheik, the magic ninja, are also no longer connect to SA-X and Zelda and they are now separate characters.

* King K. Rool has not adding in, but instead of Bowser Jr. has been added in. (Bullet #8)
* Ghirahim confirmed as Assist Trophy instead. (Bullet #10)
* Chrom is actually part of Robin's Final Smash, instead of being Newcomer. (Bullet #12 and #13)
* Lyn's A.T. remained and Tom Nook (multiplied) has become Final Smash for Villager. (Bullet #14 [Lyn] and #26 [Tom Nook])
* Ridley returned as a hazard in Pyrosphere, not as a character. (Bullet #20)
* Pokemon Trainer is omitted due to Charizard gone Solo'd. (Bullet #29)
* Solid Snake's contact with Nintendo has expired and had to leaving the party. (Bullet #41)

* If Ganondorf has returning, then there will be very little chance for newcomer in Legend of Zelda, as of Sheik being separate character.
* Pictures posted in the link below didn't confirming Wolf's return, but it is possible that he's, along with Ice Climbers, Luca, Solid Snake and Mewtwo, being part of DLC...

* Ganondorf has returned, kept his Brawl looks but with some moves buffed up (purple fire added to his side-kick moves). (Bullet #11)
* Wario has returned, but in his usual attire! (Bullet #16/#17)
* Falco has returned! (Bullet #22)
* Jigglypuff was confirmed as returnable character. (Bullet #29)
* Ness has returned! (Bullet #34)
* Mr. Game & Watch and R.O.B. have returned! (Bullet #35)
* Though DLC is not confirmed; Ice Climbers will be omitting. (Bullet #35)

* There is a new Zelda character, but not yet to revealing. The most betting character would be in is either Tingle or Ghirahim. (Bullet #10)

Return Characters:
* Ganondorf returned, but with his moves buff up as well as be able to using his sword (in one of his Special Moves). (Bullet #11)
* Wario returned, with his overall as his default attire (previous, he had his Warioware INC attire as default) (Bullet #16 and #17)
* All Pokemon Veterans (Jigglypuff and Pokemon Trainer?) from Brawl returns, along with infamous Mewtwo from Melee! (Bullet #29 and #30)
* Falco and Wolf returned. (Bullet #21, #22 and #23)
* Ness and Luca remained, with nothing change to them. (Bullet #34)
* Mr. Game & Watch returned, along with R.O.B. and Ice Climbers! (Bullet #35)
* Infamous Solid Snake from Brawl, also make his return. (Bullet #41)

Items Adaption:
* Falco is far away from Fox's clone as well as Wolf has his own, unique moves, which make him no longer Fox's clone. (Bullet #22 and #23)
* Magus A.T. take over the spot where Little Mac left, acted out what Mac had done in Brawl. (Bullet #28)
* While Lucario kept the moveset, Mewtwo will also buff up his movesets. (Bullet #31)

* Fawful from Mario & Luigi handheld games appeared as A.T., and is a physical form of Resetti, rather than word form. (Bullet #5)
* Gangplank Galleon is a stage. (Bullet #9)
* King Gangrel and Aversa are the new Assist Trophy from Fire Emblem. (Bullet #15)
* Mr. Resetti reminded as Assist Trophy. (Bullet #25)
* Female WFT has a butt attack (in similar fashion as Peach's Hearty Butt Attack), but Male WFT used a headbutt attack (identified to Mario's headbutt move). (Bullet #38)
* King Hippo added in as Assist Trophy. (Bullet #39)
* So are Ghosts from Luigi's Mansion series! (Bullet #40)


Just to add the information of this bunch of the pictures, I am aware that it's confirmed as undetermined as of right now… [Soon to be terminated]

List of characters from top left to bottom right;
First Row: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Rosalina, Bowser Junior (fake as above listed said that Rosalina's only Mario newcomer), Wario, Mr.G&W
Second Row: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Link, Zelda, Sheik, Ganondorf (I can realize him in that dark color), Toon Link, SA-X, Zero Suit Samus
Third Row: Pit, Plateua, Marth, Ike, Robin, Kirby (1P Selector blocked his face, but picture below it confirmed him), King Dedede, Metaknight, Lil Mac
Fourth Row: Fox, Falco (still unconfirmed), Pikachu, Charizard Solo'd, Lucario, Jigglypuff, Greninja, "Duck Hunt", R.O.B.
Fifth Row: Ness, Capt. Falcon, Villager (with that creepy face), Olimar, Wii Fit Trainer, Dr. Mario (returning veteran, but still no clone allowed), Dark Pit, Lumina
Final Row: Shulk, Pac-Man, Megaman, Sonic and finally; Randomize

Also, Ganondorf and Shulk are confirmed to be part of Sm4sh due to comment below those pictures in the link.


However, because of the conflict, it confirmed that the leaking of the recently post would be no longer true...


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