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Memoir narrowed her eyes as she recalled the event that her father told her about. The Phazon Poison had killed his distantly sister. She blinked as she looked up to the duel that just ended. The woman who contained the dark power stumbled a couple of steps from the stage before she looked up to her opponent, only to make herself vanish into the darkness.

“Uggh,” the protagonist moaned as she recalled the event.


Two weeks before she had first tested the time device, she paid a visit to her father’s fortuneteller tent. Memoir blinked as she approached her father with the table in between them, which contained a head-sized crystal ball.

“You have mentioned that you had a sister… why did you not tell me of how she ceased to exist?” she questioned.

“Well,” the brunette guy claimed as he propped his elbows on the table and looked at the ball, “The bigger ship can easily sink when it possesses a small hole on the side. That small hole was the same source that prevented your hand from reemerging when your system had to do so. She collapsed and was still while her devil watched. Eye twitched, foot sprained, thumb pinned, and a pulled muscle; we all have that mistake, my child.”

“Argh, you're saying that the poison was what caused my aunt’s death? Ugh, fuck this – I am going to prevent it from happening, you just watch me,” the seventeen-year-old Seedrian growled before she turned away from her father and deserted the tent.

The male human made a smirk on his face as he commented, “I already saw it all, and you had one of those I detailed out…”


In the present, Memoir shook her head as she trekked her way to the cafeteria, where she met up with the devil version of her aunt – Albino Hiita. The red-eyed female raised her attention to the protagonist, as if she was about to ask a few questions.

“Remember that I was born on July 1, 2001? And the reason I am here, older than I normally had been?” the green-haired female spoke and received a nod from her distantly aunt’s dark side before she got on the point, “Then I need to know where Aunt Jane would be when her time is coming.”

Albino Jane placed her hand on her head and scratched under her snow-white hair as she shook her head, “You're asking the wrong person – I finally just left her body… like a month ago.”

“Well, I can answer that question,” the voice behind the Seedrian alerted the girls to the extra person.

As the protagonist and her ‘darkly’ aunt set their sights on the source of the voice; Zetta stepped onto their area, wearing the black version of the school uniform. She then stood before them with a calmly gaze.

“The real answer is, we don’t know where she will be when it happened. And I have a question for you,” ‘Wynn’ claimed with a queer expression on her face when she spoke her second sentence.

Memoir turned to face the wind charmer and crossed her arms, “Ay, what is it?”

“What do you mean by ‘when her time is coming’?” Zetta inquired, due to her sharp sense of hearing.

Albino Hiita snapped her attention back to the protagonist as the former had just now realized that line. Memoir blinked as she stood firmly.

“The reason why I mentioned that… was because she will be dead within a couple of hours, if I have not reached her in time,” the Seedrian extended her reason.

‘Wynn’ shrugged as she smirked casually, “Again, like I said before – it’s hard to keep track of her when she need us or should join us when she felt like it.”

Memoir growled as she departed the group discussion and shook her head as she commented, “They're taking it too easy.”
Memoir's Tales C2: Sub-C 2
Memoir's Tales
Sub-Chapter 2
Prediction of the Fallen

As the title insisted, a paragraph of Jane been dead, and Memoir had a small talk with Zetta and Albino Hiita (her name finally mentioned). Introduced us that Memoir's father being Fortuneteller, with that funny line before she left. Though I managed to hold most of the fort, Memaiva covered some errors and single sentence split.

* Memoir, her father, Charmers (except Eria, Lyla and Dhrac), Shadowpriestess's appearance (barely at the beginning) and their behaviors belong to me
* "Hiita", "Wynn", and Shadowpriestess of Ohm belong to Konami/UDE
* "Phazon" idea came from Nintendo (Metroid Prime series)

Sub-Ch 1:…
Sub-Ch 3: Coming Soon

:iconreadplz: :iconcommentplz:

Lazy Wall'f Text

#1: After a long time of studying and researching, I decided to take some advices from 'Magic the Gathering' gameplay - by break up the single set of Effect into several multiple lines within the textbox. That was a good reason to help the new players, as well as to preventing two effects from getting mess together, to understand how each effect working in that way. "Macro Cosmos", "Tyrant Dragon" and "The Wicked Avatar" are the good examples to break their effects up.

Error Example #1 - "Macro Cosmos":
> Should I Special Summon "Helios - The Primordial Sun" each time a card is banished from anywhere?

Error Example #2 - "Tyrant Dragon":
> Do I have to Tribute a Dragon-type to activating the Trap-Negating effect of "Tyrant Dragon"?
> Do I must sacrificing a Dragon-type each time I declared the "Second Attack in a Row" on "Tyrant Dragon"?

Error Example #3 - "The Wicked Avatar":
>Each time Avatar's ATK changed, should my opponent's Spell/Trap Cards be nullification for two more turns?

Make it easier

#1: After see the similar effects in other cards, which I can commonly understand with some extra costs or requirements. It is a considerable choice that I made, which could help the new players to understand how they work well. "Dark Magic Attack" to "Raigeki" and "Allure of Darkness" with "Common Charity" are the good example to cover this logic.

Example #1 - "Dark Magic Attack":
> Its effect text is: "(While you control "Dark Magician".) Monsters your opponent controls are destroyed." which identity to the effect of "Raigeki"; "Monsters your opponent controls are destroyed.", but without the parenthesis line.

Example #2 - "Common Charity":
> Its effect text is: "Draw 2, then send all cards in your hand to the Graveyard unless you banish 1 Normal Monster Card from your hand." which identity to the effect of "Allure of Darkness"; "Draw 2, then send all cards in your hand to the Graveyard unless you banish 1 DARK monster from your hand.", only with the different source of monster requirement.

#2: While I had a problem try to understand what Konami was thinking about those long, long, and long line of texts, I come up with the short and simple version, like one for Gemini-type Monster, as well as rest of NOMI Monsters (included Semi-NOMI).

#2.5: In addition; I did flip the effect that occurring around because it would making sense if you do something that was required for its "resolving" event, rather than summoning the monster first, then do whatever that normally "resolved" the requirement. "Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning" had been done for this reason.

Example #1 - Gemini-type Monster:
> As seen on "Dark Valkyria" that Elizabeth used, instead of used this line: "This card is treated as a Normal Monster while face-up on the field or in the Graveyard." - I used this line instead: "While face-up or deceased: It is a Normal Monster."; those word dictionary will be explaining in the later section as I only wanted to make it easier to read and understand.

Example #2 - NOMI Monster:
> "The Wicked Avatar" is the one of many monsters that have this condition, and I preferred using this line instead of what Konami wrote down: "Must be Normal Summoned/Set by Tribute 3 monsters, and cannot be Summoned/Set by other ways." - As usually, NOMI would have "Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set." line, but that was discarding to saving the characteristic spaces and made the read become easier. Since "Summoned/Set" can referring to the rest of other action of Summons/Sets, beside "Normal" part, as seen in "The Wicked Avatar".

Example #3 - Semi-NOMI Monster:
> "Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning" has the same effect as NOMI Monster does, but I break them up to preventing the confusedness.
"Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set.
Must first banishing 1 copy of your deceased LIGHT and 1 copy of your deceased DARK monsters; Special Summon this card (from your hand)."

#3: In many equip cards and monsters texts; I considered to reducing the characteristic spaces to make the easily to read and very well-familiar. The example for this logic would be awarding to "Fusion Sword Murasame Blade" and "Kinetic Soldier".

Example #1 - "Fusion Sword Murasame Blade":
> "Gains 800 ATK." instead of "Equipped monster gains 800 ATK."

Example #2 - "Kinetic Soldier":
> If this card battles a Warrior-type monster; gains 2000 ATK/DEF during the damage calculation only." instead of "If this card battles a Warrior-Type monster, during damage calculation: This card gains 2000 ATK and DEF during damage calculation only."

#4: In some cards that I have notice after the latest release of "Snipe Hunter", as many cards said that they can do something, but wouldn't occurring if the result was backfired or failed to meeting the requirement. The mentioned card is a good reason for the former part, while "Tyrant Dragon" could covering the latter logic.

Example #1 - "Snipe Hunter":
> "roll a six-sided die, and destroy that target unless you roll a 1 or 6." - The result was backfired.

Example #2 - "Tyrant Dragon":
> "Cannot revive unless you Tribute 1 Dragon-type monster." - The requirement must be met to confirming it.

#5: I decided to throw in a couple of words in the certain cards so it help preventing the conflict from occurring, though it was well-known to the veterans... It's because I would like to help the new players to not draw last two pieces of "The Forbidden One" monsters via "Graceful Charity" and then ignoring the last part of the Spell Card's effect, otherwise Konami broke the game.

Example #1 - "Graceful Charity":
> "Draw 3, then, before any effect or condition resolved, discard 2."

#6: When the cards were referring to the action that involved moving the cards from the Main Deck to the hand, OR from the hand to the Graveyard, like "Discard"/"Ditch"/"Draw" term; the word "Card(s)" after the certain numbers, like for "Pot of Greed" that said "Draw 2 cards.", will be removing from the text. Unless it was involving itself in the hand, we get this result.

Example #1 - "Pot of Greed":
> "Draw 2." instead of "Draw 2 cards."

Example #2 - "Snipe Hunter":
> "Ditch 1;" instead of "Discard 1 card;" (that "discard card" part is a Cost.)

Example #3 - "Gemini Imps":
> "You can discard this card to Graveyard; negate the activation," (This is referring to sacrificing itself from the hand. That's the reason why It had to involving "card" rather than ignoring it.)

#7: As you noticed that I reworded the effect of "Exodia the Forbidden One" because of his Normal Monster cards had been forever limited on the banlist, as long as that card itself is existing; OR unless it got banned. it was also the reason why I reduced the characteristic spaces to make it easier to know what it was referring to, since there are only 5 "The Forbidden One" monsters since its debut.

Example #1 - "Exodia the Forbidden One":
> Former Text: "When you have "Right Leg of the Forbidden One", "Left Leg of the Forbidden One", "Right Arm of the Forbidden One" and "Left Arm of the Forbidden One" in addition to this card in your hand, you win the Duel."
> Improvement Text: "(Condition) When you hold 4 different "the Forbidden One" Normal Monsters, plus this card, you win the Duel."

#8: This was approve the same way to "Five-Headed Dragon", which had too many targets. Unless Konami commented that DIVINE monster can also kill "Five-Headed Dragon", I will change it as well.

Example #1 - "Five-Headed Dragon":
> Former Text: "Cannot be destroyed by battle with a DARK, EARTH, WATER, FIRE, or WIND monster."
> Improvement Text: "Cannot be killed while battles the non-LIGHT monster(s)."

#9: "Accumulated Fortune" has its effect reworded to make it easier to understand its requirement.

Example #1 - "Accumulated Fortune":
> "(Required to be on Chain 4 or higher while it has at least only 1 copy of each card in the chain to activate this card) Draw 2."

Condition vs. Effect

#1: In most of Counter Trap Cards that I covered, I put in the parenthesis on the Cost part because they are literally Condition and cannot be return to the people's system after the Trap Card's activation was negated. One commonly known card for this one is "Solemn Judgment".

Example #1 - "Solemn Judgment":
> "(Pay half your Life Points) When monster would be Summoned (or Inherited Special Summon, if only Special Summoned), OR a Spell/Trap Card is activated; negate the event that occurred, and if you do, destroy that card."

#2: As it was originally printed on "Morphing Jar", it was commonly used for one-versus-one battle, but it would not be true if it was throw in a Group Duel/Tag Team Duel, like 4-player free-for-all, or 3 players vs. 3 players team-tag duel. So I changed its effect in order to make it workable to all duel preset rulings instead.

Example #1 - "Morphing Jar":
> "(Apply to all players) FLIP: Discard entire hands, then draw 5 afterward."

#3: I added the line next to the effect of "Threatening Roar", to preventing from being misunderstand about how can the player should timing it.

Example #1 - "Threatening Roar":
> "(Required to not be attacked before activating this card.) Your opponent cannot declare an attack this turn."


#1: I added in the line; "(that don't contained <card>)", in some cards, such as "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon", "The Wicked Avatar" and "Elemental HERO Stratos".

Example #1 - "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon":
> "Once per turn: You can Special Summon 1 Dragon-type monster (that don't contained "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon") from your hand or your Graveyard."

Example #2 - "The Wicked Avatar":
> "This card's ATK/DEF becomes the highest ATK of face-up monster (that don't contained "The Wicked Avatar") plus 100."

Example #3 - "Elemental HERO Stratos":
> "You can target Spell/Trap Card(s), up to the number of your "HERO" monster(s) (that don't contained "Stratos"); destroy that target(s)."


Bounce - Former known as "Return <card> to the hand", like the way Konami were trying to keep the difference between "Remove from the field" and "Remove from the game" - I developed one of few words to keep the difference between those "Return to whatever" - this word is one of those difference. The cards that commonly use this word are: "Neo-Spacian Grand Mole" and "Compulsory Evacuation Device".

Condition - This is commonly word that bring up when the Summon requirement or endgame requirement was declared. Like "Exodia" or "Dark Armed Dragon". This word was placing at beginning of the sentence, which provided that it COULDN'T be negated by anything, unless it was referring to the Summon, known as "Inherited Special Summon", which was mentioned in "Solemn Judgment". And it was side-to-side with the parentheses, which we could referring it as "(Condition)".

Deceased - Former known as "monster in the Graveyard". This was commonly used in the worldwide, which was a fairly word for anyone, included children, to speak and use. The cards that commonly use this word are: "Tyrant Dragon", "Monster Reborn", "Premature Burial" and "Call of the Haunted".

Die - Former known as "send from the Field to the Graveyard". This word was treating in same way as "Deceased".The certain cards that could use this word as following: Attribute-/Type- Searchers, like "Mother Grizzly" or "Masked Dragon", as well as "Sangan".

Ditch - Former known as "Discard" for the Cost reasons. I have developing this habit to help preventing the new players from confusing on which cards to activating/triggering the effect of "Dark World" monsters, though "Fabled" monsters could easily bypassing this problem. The cards that commonly use this word are: Counter Trap Card, usually.

Exceed/Excess - It was originally known in that way when the Chinese had first revealing its translation name before its official name was revealed. As they translated it into the English Language, it was spelling in this way; "Exceez", which had been autocorrecting into this word; "Exceed" in some computers' knowledge. "Excess" is a term that used as reference to the monster; "Excess Monster" while "Exceed" is a term that used as reference to the Material and Summon; "Exceed Material" and "Exceed Summon", respective. Konami called this set of monster "Xyz Monster" and their Summon as "Xyz Summon", but I refuse to accept that term because of "VWXYZ" logic. And I don't care if they sound different and had different way of wording them - it's a ripoff, period.

Hold - This term was referring to the effect that force to revealing the player's hand, without make the addition, change or discarding any number of cards in the hand. I used to consider that it had some more uses in the past, but now it's all change because of grammar problem. The card that commonly use this word is: "Cost Down".

Immune - Former known as "Unaffected by <type>". I pick this word as a new term to grant the monsters or any card(s) the power to ignoring/overlooking/bypassing/whateverfloatyourship the certain card type. The good example for this term to be used: "Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6" (working against Spell Cards) and "Elemental HERO Wildheart" (working against Trap Cards).

Inherited Special Summon - Some certain Trap Cards have mentioned this terms, as it referred to the "Summon Condition" monsters, which were commonly known as NOMI or Semi-NOMI monsters, that required to met the certain requirement or be able to gain a Summon without get any interrupting, except Counter Trap Cards, like "Dark Armed Dragon", "Machina Fortress", "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon", etc.

Killed - Former known as "destroy by battle". Again, like "Bounce" and "Spin" logic, I used this term to preventing the new players from second-guessing that it would meaning for "destroy by effect" or whatever. The cards that commonly use this word are: "Giant Rat", "Mother Grizzly", "Masked Dragon", etc.

Nullification - This is a permanently term version of "Negating", in some certain cards that don't "chain" to the effect and destroy it. "Drain" Continuous Trap Cards have this term, commonly.

Optional - I add this word, like with "Condition", at the beginning of certain card effect, like "Magical Dimension", to allow the new players to know that it's a choice instead of force to use it. Also, it couldn't be countering by certain cards, like "Stardust Dragon", since "(Optional)" can make it missing the timing.

Quickly - This term was referring to the monster's effect that can be activating anytime, instead of acknowledged it as "Ignition-Like" effect. I throw that term in some cards, like "Kuriboh", which can block the damage from one battle, etc. Like "Condition" and "Optional", this word was wrapping up with parentheses to separate it from the effect.

Resolved - I thought this term up before the re-released of Structure Deck; "Spellcaster's Command". As many cards that required the certain type of cards to "resolving" before they can gain the achievement, like "Skilled Dark Magician" and "Spell Absorption" that Cream used while she was tutored by Memoir; they both needed a Spell Card to resolving first before they could put on a Counter or gains 500 Life Points, respective. Otherwise, there are many cheaters on the board, which had to departing off the game and put in the jail.

Revive - Former known as "Special Summon from the Graveyard". It was the same reason of why "Deceased" and "Die" had been using. The cards that commonly use this word are: "Felgrand Dragon", "Monster Reborn" and "Call of the Haunted".

Spin - Former known as "Place 1 card on top of the Main Deck". It's an alternate word to keep the "Return to wherever" apart, as I separated this from "Bounce" term. The card that commonly use this word is: "Raiza the Storm Monarch".

Target - I demoted this word from anywhere to only "on the Field", because of common sense, unless the effect stated otherwise, like "Target 1 of your deceased monsters", "Target 1 of your opponents", "Target 1 monster in the Extra Deck", etc.
Detail and Information of Card datas
Here's the improvement information that can providing for "Hidden Duels" chapters, as well as Naga's Tales.


Frederick Burnsworth
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I am giving a bullshit on those theories from "GameTheory" videos. If you wish to look for the videos, they're on YouTube and you have to search them out yourself.

I mean... why does anyone immediate believe that Rosalina is Peach's daughter? Where's the completely science proof that she's Peach's daughter? I don't give a fucking about storybook - it's such to be ancient time - like to those details of Zeldas; as seen that ALBW (A Link Between Worlds) Zelda is a descendent of ALttP (A Link to the Past) Zelda, which don't meant that they're same Zelda. And no, Peach ain't a reincarnation of Rosalina's mother, who was also Peach's ancestor. I can understand that all Queens/Princesses, from old time all way to Peach's time, would be blonde, but Rosalina as Peach's daughter? Nah, toss that away.

What are Peach's blood type? Rosalina's blood type? How about Mario Brothers' blood type? Are they even confirmed and matched?

Big Bang Theory just fucked you up - it just reset the area base on YOUR time, not whole history and throw you in the past. If it did, then it should have been named "Super Mario Time Galaxy" or some shit.

Also, had Rosalina called Mario "Father" or "Uncle Mario" (if Peach married to Luigi instead), asked Mario to save her "mother" (Peach) in same fashion as Bowser Jr, but kindly and gracefully? So far, I didn't see or hear(sic) her saying those words (Father/Uncle/Mother/Bullshit) so far. That therefore proved GameTheory's bullshit "theories" backfired.

And if Galaxy 1 was cleared and Rosalina vanished when Mario/Peach/Bowser returned to their fucking world, then Galaxy 2 won't happening, as she ceased to existing and never come to help them anymore - it's because she is coming from the "Bad Future" (Yeah, color me surprise, you bitch!) and if that "Bad Future" ceased to existing, so is Rosalina. But that ain't happening, Rosalina still coming and Galaxy 2 is still activating.

That therefore the whole theories GameTheory had made and posted on their fucking account is just whole waste of the research, waste of space and waste of the talk/time. Rosalina is neither related to Peach or Mario brothers.

Also, ignored Daisy, huh? If someone spoke about the ear lobes, Daisy also possess that trait, and you ignored her? Is that because she's fucking Fan-made character and is fucking Sport player? C'mon, put up your balls and think careful! And also, Baby Rosalina is NOT Rosalina's looks, because that character is fan-made and just chibi looklike, and in the storybook; Rosalina's hair was peach orange before she grew old, became into present Rosalina we saw.

In long story short - GameTheory is wrong, Rosalina is not related to Mario/Luigi/Peach, let alone being Peach's ancestor's daughter (I would be wrong with this one, but I don't care - it's just pointless theory of mine, which I can easy dismissing if it's fake).

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