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The avatar I am using is belong to Kryptid, give him a thanking for a share!

Current Residence: Augusta, Georgia
Favourite Cartoon Character: Yusei Fudo
Personal Quote: "If my memory serves me well..."
Now with a site revealing:…

NOTE: "The Translator Leak (1/10/14)" is the first Bullet, so count careful.
NOTE2: This journal will be deleting once the games are releasing in America, move all information to the uploading picture once it's safe to posting.

* Rosalina is the only Mario newcomer. (Bullet #2)
* Waluigi confirmed to remaining as Assist Trophy, as well as Toad confirmed to be Peach's Special Move (as seen in Direct). (Bullet #3)
* Diddy Kong returned on the release date of "Donkey Kong Country Return: Tropical Freeze", though the appearance of Dixie Kong is unknown. (Bullet #6 & #7)
* Yoshi has returned! (Bullet #16)
* Kat & Ana A.T. has been replaced by Ashley A.T. (Bullet #18 and #19)
* Lucario returned with his moveset from Brawl! (Bullet #31)
* Little Mac returned as newcomer, rather than Assist Trophy. (Bullet #36)
* As of RubenDaol21's being asshole to me, Zero Suit Samus is indeed added in this series, with new pair of boots; Jet Boots! Come with her, Sheik, the magic ninja, are also no longer connect to SA-X and Zelda and are now separate characters.

* Lyn's A.T. remained and Tom Nook (multiplied) has become Final Smash for Villager. (Bullet #14 [Lyn] and #26 [Tom Nook])
* Ridley returned as a hazard in Pyrosphere, not as a character. (Bullet #20)

* There may be little chance for Pokemon Trainer to make a return, due to Charizard being solo'd. (Bullet #29)
* If Ganondorf has returning, then there will be very little chance for newcomer in Legend of Zelda, as of Sheik being separate character.

* So is King K. Rool, which made him the heaviest character (bested Bowser, which weighted as heaviest since his debut in Melee). (Bullet #8)
* There is a new Zelda character, but not yet to revealing. The most betting character would be in is either Tingle or Ghirahim. (Bullet #10)
* Chrom is a newcomer in Fire Emblem, but considered not replacing Ike. (Bullet #12 and #13)
* Palutena is also newcomer, with her moves base on Uprising game. (Bullet #27)
* Final Newcomer is... a yellow ball-formed monster that chowed down bunch of white balls while ran away from four ghost monsters... I am sure you know who he is. (Bullet #42)

Return Characters:
* Ganondorf returned, but with his moves buff up as well as be able to using his sword (in one of his Special Moves). (Bullet #11)
* Wario returned, with his overall as his default attire (previous, he had his Warioware INC attire as default) (Bullet #16 and #17)
* All Pokemon Veterans (Jigglypuff and Pokemon Trainer?) from Brawl returns, along with infamous Mewtwo from Melee! (Bullet #29 and #30)
* Falco and Wolf returned. (Bullet #21, #22 and #23)
* Meta Knight remained, will revealing during summertime. (Bullet #33)
* Ness and Luca remained, with nothing change to them. (Bullet #34)
* Mr. Game & Watch returned, along with R.O.B. and Ice Climbers! (Bullet #35)
* Infamous Solid Snake from Brawl, also make his return. (Bullet #41)

Items Adaption:
* Falco is far away from Fox's clone as well as Wolf has his own, unique moves, which make him no longer Fox's clone. (Bullet #22 and #23)
* Magus A.T. take over the spot where Little Mac left, acted out what Mac had done in Brawl. (Bullet #28)
* While Lucario kept the moveset, Mewtwo will also buff up his movesets. (Bullet #31)

* Fawful from Mario & Luigi handheld games appeared as A.T., and is a physical form of Resetti, rather than word form. (Bullet #5)
* Gangplank Galleon is a stage. (Bullet #9)
* King Gangrel and Aversa are the new Assist Trophy from Fire Emblem. (Bullet #15)
* Villager has a female costume, similar to Wii Fit Trainer got her male costume. (Bullet #24)
* Mr. Resetti reminded as Assist Trophy. (Bullet #25)
* Female WFT has a butt attack (in similar fashion as Peach's Hearty Butt Attack), but Male WFT used a headbutt attack (identified to Mario's headbutt move). (Bullet #38)
* King Hippo added in as Assist Trophy. (Bullet #39)
* So are Ghosts from Luigi's Mansion series! (Bullet #40)

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