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Naga exhausted softly as her mentor laid her palm on the youngun’s back and scrubbed there lightly. The snakegirl lifted her attention to the adult as the latter smiled to her.

“In the recently battles that you had, a quite struggling was it, right?” Medusa claimed.

Naga thought about it for a minute before she nodded, “Yeah.”

“Well, it’s time to step up your game - it’s by watching your coming up opponent closely while they’re battling each other at this minute,” the mentor continued.

The protagonist blinked before she pulled two hand-sized notepads from her pocket and prepared herself for the coming up points on her next challenger. While her mentor pointed out the playing duelists’ names, Naga managed to writing down several cards that the duelists played, since it was on ‘Koala Beast’ Duelist’s first turn. On her left ‘lap’ was a list of ‘Cold Skin’ Duelist’s data with the following cards; ‘Oni Tank T-34’, ‘Cry Havoc!’, and ‘Secret Barrel’ that just activated from its face-down position, while on her right ‘lap’ was a list of ‘Koala Beast’ Duelist’s with the following cards; ‘Closed Forest’, ‘Vampire Koala’, and ‘Horn of the Phantom Beast’ that later equipping to the lonely Koala.

“It seemed like ‘Koala Beast’ Duelist is holding the candle here,” Naga called out as she checked the progress of the duel.

“That’s wrong,” Medusa said as ‘Vampire Koala’ destroyed ‘Cold Skin’ Duelist’s ‘Oni Tank T-34’, which changed the latter duelist’s Life Points to 7600 while ‘Koala Beast’ Duelist’s Life Points rose to 7200, before she continued, “I am betting on ‘Cold Skin’ Duelist - the situation might look bad for him, but he will turn the table back on his opponent.”

The young snakegirl blinked as she looked over to the player that her mentor chose and saw him activating the Spell Card; ‘Power Bond’, and saw him sending the Fusion Material Monsters; ‘Barrel Dragon’ and ‘Blowback Dragon’, before he summoned ‘Gatling Dragon’ with its attack power at 5200. Naga quickly wrote down four cards on her left lap notepad.

“I am activating the effect of ‘Gatling Dragon’ by flipping three coins,” ‘Cold Skin’ Duelist commented as the three Egypt Coins appeared in the air above the duel field.

Naga blinked once again as the said coins spun at the rapidly speed. It was before they halted immediately, which they revealed that one of them was a head. ‘Gatling Dragon’ shot down the blood-drinking koala without any hesitations.

“How did you know that?” the leader of the chapter questioned.

Medusa turned to her ‘daughter figured’ child as ‘Gatling Dragon’ fired the bunch of ammo at the defenseless player before she spoke, “Thou have not pray them of their appearance ere them.”

Naga turned back to the arena as the smoke faded away, which revealed the “Koala Beast’ Duelist with his Life Points at 2000, before she spoke a word, “Really?”

The blond snakegirl blinked as she watched the ‘Cold Skin’ Duelist’s turn ended that was when his Life Points changed into 5000 points.

“Since when did he take damage at the End Phase?” Naga questioned.

Medusa lifted her jug chin as she put the words together in her mind, “It was the result from ‘Power Bond’ - to making your monster quite powerful in the summon was to sacrificing the Life Points at end of the turn. It was like as if you’re taking a tasting sample and liked it, you paid the full set before you leave the shop.”

“Hm,” the protagonist voiced as she put her attention on ‘Koala Beast’ Duelist before she wrote down ‘Obedience Schooled’ on the notepad since the said player used it to summoning ‘Sea Koala’, ‘Tree Otter’, and ‘Uniflora, Mystical Beast of the Forest’, in which she added three more names to the list.

“oh,” Naga startled as the Spell Card; ‘Spiritual Forest’, appeared on ‘Koala Beast’ Duelist’s side of the field, before she wrote it down on the list.

“I am tributing both ‘Tree Otter’ and ‘Sea Koala’ to Normal Set a monster,” the duelist confirmed as he replaced two Level 2 monsters with an unidentified monster.

The grey otter - ‘Tree Otter’ - and the three grey koalas - ‘Sea Koala’ - were tributed in the place of a face-down card. However, the white unicorn beast was destroyed once ‘Koala Beast’ Duelist’s turn ended.

“I am activating the effect of ‘Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest’ by paying 1000 Life Points to Special Summoning him when my Beast-type monster is destroyed,” the turn player continued as he slapped the green baboon onto the blade in the place of the dead beast.

“Is that it? Put yourself behind the wall?” ‘Cold Skin’ Duelist exclaimed as he drew a card, “That’s a wuss! I activate the effect of ‘Gatling Dragon’ to flipping three coins again.”

Three Egypt Coins appeared in the same location that they were previously in and spun in the violently speed. It was before they halted to revealing their sides in the orders: Head, Tail, and Head. ‘Gatling Dragon’ shot down both defense monsters without any hesitations, like a merciless monster it was.

“Let’s go, Naga - we need to get you preparing for your coming up match,” Medusa said as she got off the chair and made her way to the hall with Naga following her.

Once they arrived to their private meeting room, the protagonist laid out the notes that she used while she was analyzing the players on the table.

“The ‘Cold Skin’ Duelist is too well-prepared to not revealing allot of his strategy to us so it’s difficult to tell the plans he will unleashing on me,” Naga said as she checked over the note that she covered on the said duelist.

“At least you knew how to countering his Fusion Monster,” her mentor reminded with her arms crossing her chest.

Naga glanced over her shoulder quickly before she put her attention on her deck that she pulled from her pocket and made up the plan in her mind.


Sneak Peek of ‘Speedy Ponyhog’ —

I ran up to the orange pony and she picked me up into the air, which she threw me even high like if I was her daughter. When I came back to her, she caught me and I wrapped my arms around her neck before we laughed together.

Now with my mind moved away from my late mother, I was able to accept this pony as my new mother.

Though she was about to passing away, she made me vowing to not grieve over her death. And I did… by moving on to the new future, with Applejack.

Coming Soon!
Naga's Tales C2: Sub-C 3
Naga's Tales
Sub-Chapter 3
Break Part 1

This introduced you of how to improving your duel skill by researching and analyzing on your coming up opponent(s). As many times, anything new are always hard at first, but after experienced it many times, it's becoming easier to dealing with them.

* "Naga", "Medusa", and bunch of the cards that two duelists used are all belong to Konami/UDE
* The characters in "Sneak Peek" are belong to Sonic Team (Cream and Vanilla, indirect mentioned) and Applejack belong to whoever created "My Little Pony" show

Sub-C 2;…
Sub-C 4; Coming Soon...

:iconreadplz: :iconcommentplz:


Frederick Burnsworth
United States
The avatar I am using is belong to Kryptid, give him a thanking for a share!

Current Residence: Augusta, Georgia
Favourite Cartoon Character: Yusei Fudo
Personal Quote: "One must walk the path that oneself created, not other."

Archie Comic’s Prime Universe is the primary and main canon, with “Another Time, Another Place” being the secondary canon and later become primary canon after Prime Universe merged with it when Ken Penders left the team.

All Home Consoles games, along with Sonic Rush series, are semi-canon. All Handheld games, included “Sonic Lost World”, are not canon, due to their plain and bone-board selection, with naked story.

“Sonic Generations” had the rest of previous games’ history erased and rewrote. That don’t included “Shadow the Hedgehog” since it was not focus on Sonic the Hedgehog, “Sonic Rivals” series since it was on PSP console, and many other handheld consoles’ games, with the exception of “Sonic Rush” series.

All playable Hedgehogs, with the exception of Amy Rose, are able to possessing and channelling the power of Chaos Ability, but cannot possessing and channeling the Sol Ability. Blaze is the only playable character to possessing and harnessing the Sol Ability, though she couldn't able to harnessing any power of Chaos Ability, with the exception of using it to sense her Sol Emeralds. Silver is the only Archie Character to possessing Chromes Ability. Sally Acorn is the only Royalty character to possessing and utilizing the Source of Acorn Ability, in where her family couldn't due to her being a vessel of it, included, undoubtedly, her children.

“Mecha Sonic” in Sonic the Hedgehog 3/Knuckles is actually Metal Sonic V1.5, the upgrade version of Metal Sonic V1 from Sonic the Hedgehog CD. “Mecha Sonic” is supposed to be a name for the monster that based on Sonic’s Robian version, like Mecha Tails, Mecha Knuckles and Mecha Sally.

“Sonic the Hedgehog 4” series are also considered not canon due to its unfinished business. While “Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood” is considered semi-canon, or not canon due to being on the handheld console, also because of its unfinished business because of Ken Penders deserted the team.


Any objects against my point-of-views with any hostile are immediately put on the blocklist. If you wish to arguing against me with some respect, I will talk.

And if you want to know why I am thinking of that way - the first thing I learned about Sonic the Hedgehog was when I picked up the second issue of original Sonic the Hedgehog comics; Sonic the Hedgehog: Miniseries Issue…

Thank you for taking your time reading this journal, as well as carefully choose your words when disputing against me.

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