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United States
The avatar I am using is belong to Kryptid, give him a thanking for a share!

Current Residence: Augusta, Georgia
Favourite Cartoon Character: Yusei Fudo
Personal Quote: "One must walk the path that oneself created, not other."
I am in understanding that y'all, asshole and nagger, want me to taking down pictures that I don't original make or own - it's not your problems! If you want them to put down from my file, just report and shut the hell up!

I can only listen to Moderators of the site, not y'all rude homies. Otherwise, you're just increasing my block list way faster than Konami can change their Yu-Gi-Oh! banlist each 3 months. If you wanna stay on my good side - just report and shush-shush, nothing else.

As I had several pictures from years ago, which were left alone since one user reported it to take down, and I beaten that user after at least 2-3 years of waiting; Mod didn't take it down or anything. The real answer was because I credited them, provided the details of how I got the picture from.

Also my skill on the computer is very poorly, only as far as I can was to typing down the #@$% storylines and grammar shits, not Photograph or hacking. If you think I managed to change the picture, then it must be an iPhone picture I took to change the size of the picture/alter the position of how picture was. In which I had never done so far.

I am aware that there are source for "Does credit save my life?" and some shit. The truth is; I have not achieving any PM or anything from Moderator or DeviantArt's true Admin (not the one with Club or some craps), that ordered me to put the pictures that I took down. Several users reported on me and it went for 3 years, I am still untouched at this point. I would expect some respect from you or you're just a merely filler to my block list.

Ok, lemme expand this journal once again. I don't steal them and called them mine. Y'all stupid users. I just put them up for their popularity and shits. If you wanna see me as nice user; then haul your ass and help me find all original owners, so I can link the pictures in my gallery to the original one or the owner (if their pictures were already removed.).

Again, if you read all this and still think that I steal them, put your negative beside and start to help me find the original owner then let me do the talk, so I can compromise and deal with them. Only original owners can make a decide of what to do with me displaying their pictures. If they want me to remove it, I listen to THEM, the original owner instead of YOU, the immature users. And if you don't want me to throw negative comments on your face, out of the computer screen, then stop be asshole and shits.

And since I owned iMac, I have no experience of be able to editing any of Twisted Princess pictures into five frames. And yes, I saved those pictures in the way they were when I first found them on FunnyJunk, you big and fat morons. The pictures that I inked and colored in third and second pages (up to "Jack FACE-PALM" picture) were indeed all before the my era of iMac started, indeed, I did used old paint equip to do whatever I wanted back then. But now, I have no access to that "Paint" craps and have no powers to "editing" the pictures.

And here's prove of the reason I didn't SCREENSHOT and EDIT the fucking Princesses pictures into four pictures - I DON'T REGISTERED MYSELF IN FUNNYJUNK! Otherwise, if it was me on FunnyJunk - I would using the screenname as "FredCat###", not "stabiloboss", y'all stupid bastards!

First picture -…
Second picture -…
Third picture -…
Fourth picture -…
Fifth picture -…
Uploader on FunnyJunk -…

So, choose: Nagging me and you're blocked OR Report and STFU!


Original "Eeveelution" (one with Sylveon at top) has deleted because of this owner -  Clowcardruler - asked me to remove it from my gallery. I listened to him, not any common thugs.



“Rouge - Yawn Color” and “Rouge and a Chaos Color” are belong to lemonade-freeze, and he did approve the permission to me to color them and uploading them in my Gallery.

“Delilah Y.E. - Color” and “Delilah March 1, 2010 - Color” are belong to soniclover63, and she did approve the permission to me to color them and uploading them in my Gallery, and after that, she prevented me from do anymore.

“Memoir - Eternally Infinity” and “DeviantART ID 2010” are mine, which proved my horrible artwork if I draw on my own.

“SonSal Doodle - Flat Color” belong to TheAmbassador, and he did approve the permission to me for coloring it and uploading it, though I never bother him afterward.

“Angela Renamon” avatar is belong to RenamonPrincess (currently deceased due to physical disease) because she challenged anyone to provided her a strong Yu-Gi-Oh! card, and she approved the permission to me to creating the card and uploading it in my Gallery.

“Jack .Card.” avatar is belong to EmoPanda420 in FurAffinity, only because he asked/challenged me to make a better version and I did. He gave me a permission to uploading it in my Gallery.

“Jack FACE-PALM” and “Relationship between Y and A” are indeed belong to Konami/UDE due to connect to Yu-Gi-Oh! card game. The former was the idea of “Captain Falcon” and Jack combining together, while the latter was the reason of royaltyship.

“Monster .:Song:.” lyric was original posted by lilmizzkrazie, so I asked for her permission to uploading it so someone can “favorite” it to read it later.

“Stardust Dragon Girl” also belong to Konami/UDE, only because of alternate designation.

“T.G. X-Mas Angel” is a fake card that I found in Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia, however, the avatar was original belong to maxarkes, whose claimed that the character was not Marina Liteyears. Also, the effect is based on “Naturia Landoise” with Summon restrict.

“Cat Snuggling IRL”, “Pet Me!”, “Copycat for Real!”, “Rainbow Cat!”, “Cat Huggy IRL”, “Sonic Buttwalk”, “Cat Taxi”, “Hey, son…”, “Log for the Dance”, and “Food Joke” are all found on FunnyJunk site, therefore I can’t copyright them myself - only to display their funniness. Only “Food Joke” was already drawn and owned by MattRat.

“Twisted Princess” series are all belong to jeftoon01, who currently inactive, so please stop bothering me about what should I do with them. Also, I lacked a skill to editing/placing the pictures within a single frame - they were like that when I picked them up - and also those font in the fifth picture was never been my favorite to using. If I did, then I would had using comic-style font, not some Old English Font like that.

“Pixar Crossover” and “Pixar Movies Crossover Details” are both belong to Pixar, apparently.

“Skyrim Logic; Joker Comment” was originally found in FunnyJunk site, comment reference and the character are belong to Batman, Iron Helmet belong to Skyrim.

“Mega Eeveelution” is belong to Alice, though I don’t know if he actually has an account in DeviantArt, until I gain access farther to him - this is only known link I have to him. Also this picture was figured in a little YouTube video because of one user confirmed it to me through Note. Give him a beat if you like. Also, this is the most popularity picture in my gallery so far!

“Fennekin Evolution Theory” was designed to show all of the hates on Fire/Fighting Pokemon, and that was normally revealing before the true evolution forms was released. Artist unknown, though only Fennekin belong to GameFreak, while Earnine and Punchdog are completely fiction and possible belong to the “unknown artist”.

“Skeleton lacked a Bone” is indeed belong to Shadman, who posted this artwork in Photobucket, accorded to the source I found with some helps from HYPERTIZ. It was exist for funny bone puns.

“3DS Eeveelution Cover/Device” was originally found on FaceBook, and possible belong to GizmoGuy17, though posted by Pokemon X & Y in FaceBook. Only Espeon got most vote - 3 to rest of the 1’s and 0’s.

“Smasher Females” and “Little Mac in Super Smash Bros 4” are both belong to Sakurai M. as he gave them all the test-running of how Wii U/3DS working. And ultimate belong to Nintendo because of this reason.

“Wizard Braixen” is originally belong to ouroporos, the japan artist, and was reuploaded by Fennekin in FaceBook. So please do not bothering me about this picture - like “Twisted Princess” series, I can only listen to the original owner’s comment, not any common thugs.

“Lydia - Off-duty” (idle picture, to Skyrim/The Elder Scrolls and action picture, to “Attack on Titan” anime) was created due to a comment in one topic on Skyrim board, said that Lydia was being creepy, eat her bread and stared at the player like no tomorrow. I had to find the loop-anime of bread-lover nomming on bread like no tomorrow to match that personality.

“Theory of Mewtwo’s absence…again” belonged to crimson-bakeneko, which Re-evolution360 had realizing from afar, as well as being a good buddy and anything. It also made an appearance under two different FaceBook admins; Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS - and - Fennekin. crimson-bakeneko approved the permission to me to continue displaying it.

“Zero Suit Link” is the last picture uploading under my wing, which belong to XyraFhoan, whose approved the permission to me to displaying it after her decide of delete it years ago or so. So leave me be because of this reason.

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