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The female chimpanzee pulled the motorcycle-style gloves as she stepped up to her test just a minute before the camera panned to two members: Cassie and Tooty. The former member was standing beside, act as the umpire of the match, while the latter being Tiny’s challenger. Beside the gloves, the Kong wore an air-tightened shirt with her overalls that being modified into the battle outfit, which made it easier for her to fighting in, however, she still lacked a pair of shoes due to her feet being developed to hanging in the same way as her hands do. She closed her eyes as she relived of how she came into this situation


One month after Tiny was introduced to Memoir’s partners, she sat down on the seat in the gym before she exhaled due to the side effect from her pregnant. Her sapphire eyes laid up on Lizzy and Marcus as they threw the fit on each other before she shifted her attention to the pink dragon that came to her and sat next to her.

“What interested you in here?” Cassie inquired with her hand gesturing at the protagonist.

The four-month pregnant female returned her attention to the fussing couple before she spoke, “Memoir offered me to become a member. I had been thinking about it for a month and had decided to take it.”


Tiny opened her eyes as she tightened her hand into the fist. Since the founder is absent, along with Blaze, which she last saw them nearly six months ago leaving the guild, so that reduced the opinion of fighting the true members to three. However, as Lizzy told Tiny when she was taken a tour guide, Peach was also absent, due to being away on the mission, pulled the number down to two. That left her with either Lizzy or Tooty, who both were the only co-founders on the list.

“Hmm,” Tiny voiced as she got into the position, completely readied to take the final test.

They – Tiny and Tooty – met in the middle of the arena and started to throwing the punch at each other, it was when Tiny recalled of how she managed to stay in the battle form.


“Lizzy need to experience the ways of being a mother. I am sure you can let her looking after your daughter while you’re doing your job,” Cassie explained while Tiny was holding her newborn daughter in her arms.

The young female turned her attention to the doctor before she started to speaking, “That… a good idea.”

“Lizzy,” the chimpanzee said as she shifted to the bi-species character before continued to speaking, “May you please look after Lilly?”


She hopped a little bit, taken in some spaces, as the protagonist looked up to her opponent, who was a titan compare to her, not only to their age difference, but it was also based on their species – Tiny was a chimpanzee while Tooty’s a bear. However, by losing the gigantic size, she gained the speed, the nimble speed.

“Ack,” Tiny startled as she jumped back once more while been surprised by Tooty’s claw attack.

She recalled that the bigger version had some endurance compare to the smaller version’s speeds. Tooty could also throw the heavy blow if she timed it right. Good thing that Tiny learned so much of the fighting martial from Marcus only in two weeks.


Though he’s so much of flirting, Marcus did help Tiny out with the position and how to using the attack at the right pattern.

“Remember, let the weight shift at the right time, then may you discard the bigger one around at ease,” the vulpine explained while he held the leading character’s arms from behind, while the bunsune in the background released the steam of furious.

Tiny tried to memorizing the position as she spoke, “That reminded me of the vine formula – if someone’s hauling over me, I would throw him or her at the same direction… right?”

“You got it,” Marcus said with a seductive smile.


As they threw the punch at each other, Tiny took an opportunity to grabbing Tooty’s arm that went past her chest and hauling the bigger female over her shoulder, which sent the latter over the former’s form and smashed her back onto the floor.

‘Now for the finishing,’ Tiny thought as she dashed toward the stunning fighter.

She underestimated the dark-clothed character, as the latter managed to get herself onto her belly and threw her good hand toward the chimpanzee’s face as she rose from the floor. Thankfully for her training, her reaction was better than she realized, as she dodged the incoming hand and jumped back once again, only to figure out that Tooty was back on her feet, literally. She could see the fire in the bear’s eyes, which she really did push the red button somewhere in the co-founder, before she lifted her feet and threw her back onto the floor. Her feet met the gigantic female’s abdomen and forced her over the nimble female’s location, in which the former’s jaw met the floor for sure.

“Argh,” Tooty yelled in the pain once her body crashed onto the floor.

Being a nimble character, Tiny managed to get on her feet and climbed up on her opponent’s back with her knee planting in between of the latter’s shoulder blades. Cassie, who supervised the match, decided to step in the scene and lifted her flesh-and-blood arm in the air.

“And that’s the match. Tiny has passed the test,” the dragon declared.


Sneak Peek of ‘Five Nights at Acorn’s’ –

I exhaled lightly as I turned my eyes to the number that appeared with the percent next to it. I was unsure of what its purpose is for – it was reading as 1% as I managed to keep myself stable in the camera-viewing office. Suddenly the light dimmed, which made me flinch and looked up to the various televisions in front of me as they were put into the static appearance – now I realized what that number was meaning – I started to running to the left door.

But the light went out before I could reach the door, which made me yelling a word; “Dammit!”

Coming Soon!
Tiny's Tales C2: Sub-C 2
Tiny's Tales
Sub-Chapter 2
Final Test

* Tiny Kong and Marcus McCloud belong to Nintendo
* Cassie Dragon (who known as Cassie McCloud) belong to Dragon's Tale
* Tooty Bear belong to Rare/Microsoft (Xbox company)
* Tiny's behavior, Elizabeth Prower, Doctor Cassie McCloud and her behavior, along with Marcus' behavior are belong to me
* "Acorn" belong to Sonic Team/SEGA (Sneak Peek episode)

Sub-Chapter 1;…
Sub-Chapter 3; Coming Soon

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Here's the following cards that Twilight Cream used:

Apprentice Magician

Chaos Command Magician

Crystal Seer

Magical Exemplar

Mei-Kou, Master of Barriers

Summoner Monk
Level 4
Cannot be Tributed while face-up.
If this card is Normal/Flip Summoned: Force it into Defense Position.
Once per turn: You can ditch 1 Spell Card; this turn, exchanging the summoning monster's attack, Special Summon 1 Level 4 monster from your Main Deck.

Effect Veiler

Arcanite Magician

Spell Power Grasp

Here's the following cards that Dark Signer Memoir used:

Elemental HERO Memoir

Earthbound God - Monograph
Level 10
Also known as "Earthbound God - Memoir".
Must be 1 face-up "Earthbound God" monster at a time.
If there is no face-up Field Spell Card, destroy this card.
Cannot be targeted for attacks.
Can attack directly.
While you control another face-up "Memoir" monster(s), your opponent cannot activate the card(s) or their effect(s) in responding to your card's effects or attacks.

Fire Memoir

Icy Memoir

Memoir - Hollow Psychic

Memoir Infernity

Storm Memoir


Memoir Merge

Memoir World
Hidden Duels Chapter 33 Card Lists
For more information behind the change, please visiting this page instead:…

All cards that don't have effect listed here are already listed in previous card lists, so please take your time to check the old version instead.

* Cream's cards, as well as couple of Memoir's, belong to Konami/UDE.
* Memoir's theme belong to me.
Cream, along with her gang, ran through the road as she approached her ‘new’ friend – Memoir. The first thing she saw the seedrian was the latter’s backside facing her. Memoir opened her eyes to revealing her left white one and her right black one as she heard them coming to her. It seemed like she had known about their arrive. Her guardian marker started to glow on her forearm, while the black marker started to show up on her right upper arm, before she turned around to facing her opponent. Cream’s gang stopped in several feet behind Cream, given the duel some space.

“Memoir, please just say something!” the protagonist spoke when she stopped on her feet, once her eyes met her opponent’s.

The mysterious warrior swung her superior arm to activate her duel disk as her dark marker glowed in the alertly speed. Her Life Points revealed at 8000 points.

“What’s that?” Cream asked as she noticed something different on her new friend.

Memoir started the duel by drew a card, “I am summoning ‘Memoir – Hollow Psychic’.”

The puppet’s card emerged from the ground, before the said monster sprung into existence, which identified herself as Memoir, but in the puppet building. Her stats were to be 0 ATK with Level 1. Cream activated her duel disk on her right forearm and drew five cards, before her life points started up, which set her points at 8000.

However, she sensed that her opponent’s turn ended, Cream drew the sixth card and peeked at it, “I am set a monster here.”

The duel disk beeped as the backside of the card appeared on the field, put in the defense position.

“And that’s end of my turn,” the protagonist said.

Memoir drew a card before switched it with a Spell Card, “I am activating ‘Memoir Merge’ to Fusion Summon ‘Storm Memoir’ by sending ‘Fire Memoir’ and ‘Icy Memoir’ from my hand.”

Two different forms of Memoir appeared onto the field, one was covering with ice designation uniform and another one was covering with red uniform, referred to their names and their powers. Before they merged into a single monster; ‘Storm Memoir’, which she was covered with grey cloud-colored uniform, included her hair. Her stats were to be 3300 ATK with Level 7. Cream, along with her gang, blinked in the surprise of the new monster appearance.

“I attack your puny monster with my storm form,” Memoir yowled as she pointed her lessen hand at her opponent.

‘Storm Memoir’ pointed her hand at the hidden monster and blew the card’s cover from the said monster, which revealed that it was ‘Crystal Seer’. Her stats were to be 100 DEF with Level 1.

“The effect of ‘Crystal Seer’ activated; I am excavating top two cards and add one of them to my hand while return the other to bottom of my deck,” Cream explained as she drew two cards and placed them on the blade.

Two monsters appeared onto the field: ‘Apprentice Magician’ and ‘Chaos Command Magician’. Cream took the latter and sent it back to the Deck while added the former to her hand, in the result of them disappeared from the field. ‘Crystal Seer’ was then destroyed as result of the battle.

“Then I activate ‘De-Fusion’ to returning ‘Fire Memoir’ and ‘Icy Memoir’ from the Graveyard to the field by sending ‘Storm Memoir’ back to the Extra Deck,” the antagonist said as she revealed her quick-play Spell Card once her Battle Phase ended.

The Spell Card appeared onto the field, showed two monsters splitting from the Fusion Monster, before ‘Storm Memoir’ vanished into the thin air. ‘Fire Memoir’ and ‘Icy Memoir’ appeared onto the field from the result of the monster that defused. The duelist then revealed next Spell Card from her hand.

“I am activating ‘Memoir World’,” she declared her next move before she removed the monsters from the blade, “I have tribute them for the summon of the monster from the underworld.”

The landscape surrounding the duelists transformed into the scene of what look like inside the computer’s building. The monsters under Memoir’s control then vanished from the sight. Memoir picked a monster from her hand as the dark aura glowed on her appearance.

“Now I will summon the eighth Earthbound God…” Memoir shouted in her dark tone as she swung her hand that held the new additional Earthbound God monster, “I summon thee, ‘Earthbound God – Monograph’!”

The black heart appeared in the sky before it expelled out the black oozes to forming the monstrous version of Memoir, except that Monograph was a black creature with white line that glowed like the nightlight. Its stats were to be 2500 ATK with Level 10. Cream and her friends gasped in awe of the black creature with the white markers.

“And my turn is over,” Dark Signer Memoir claimed as she straightened up and her Life Points changed from 8000 to 8200.

The protagonist drew a card and added it to her hand, “I am set a monster here.”

As she declared her move, she slapped a monster onto the blade, which summoned an enlarged card in the defense position, before she pulled two cards from her hand.

“I am also set two cards in the backrow here,” the doe claimed as she plugged two cards into the blade, which added two more cards onto the field.

The antagonist of this chapter grunted before she drew a card, “I am summoning a monster.”

Cream blinked as she watched her opponent slapped a monster onto the blade, who the monster’s appearance resembled ‘Infernity Archfiend’ – ‘Memoir Infernity’ was summoning onto the field with her stats revealing as 500 ATK with Level 4.

“Now I attack you directly with Monograph,” Cream’s new friend declared her battle phase.

The protagonist tried to activate the set card, only to revealing that it was sealed as ‘Earthbound God – Monograph’ swung its hand toward the player.

The rabbit swung her head to her friends as she was trapped by Memoir. “It’s something I cannot counter…”

The attack reached the doe, which inflicted the damage to her, brought her down to 5500 Life Points. Once the attack passed, Cream got up and stared at the field details as Memoir ended her turn with her Life Points raising to 8600 points.

“My turn then,” Cream claimed as she drew a card and peeked at it.

“I am set a monster here,” she continued as she placed another monster onto the blade that brought the total of monsters defending her to two.

She then plugged the drawn card into the blade as she spoke, “I am set a card in the backrow here.”

The leading character dropped her superior arm to her side, which approached the end of her turn. The seedrian narrowed her dual-colored eyes before she drew a card.

“I am activating the effect of ‘Memoir Infernity’, by discarding the ‘Memoir’ Normal Monster, ‘Memoir Infernity’ has permanently gain the ATK equal to the discarded monster’s,” Memoir revealed the first effect of ‘Memoir Infernity’ as she put away the yellow card into the Graveyard that revealed the name of the card as ‘Elemental HERO Memoir’.

‘Memoir Infernity’ closed her eyes as another ‘Memoir’ monster behind her transferring the power into her, raised her attack points to 3000 alone. The glow faded as she opened her eyes.

“I attack you directly again!” the aggressive side of Memoir commanded, which sent ‘Earthbound God – Monograph’ to do the business.

Cream grunted as she braced for the damage, however, her twilight power sparked and was given a flashbang when the attack hit her. It was enough to blinding Memoir’s dark side as Cream’s Life Points reduced to 3000 points.

“Ugh… I attack your first monster with… ‘Memoir Infernity’,” Dark Signer Memoir struggled to finish the plan of her battle phase.

The rip-off of the archfiend monster jumped and attacked the defended monster that had been on the field much longer, which it revealed to be ‘Mei-Kou, Master of Barriers’ with his stats to be 600 DEF with Level 4. He was destroyed in the palm of a fiend-type monster.

“Turn… End…” Memoir grunted as she covered her black eye with her right hand, which she was blinded from the flashbang while her Life Points became 9000 thanks to the effect of ‘Memoir World’.

Cream drew a card and looked at it with a disappointed gaze before she felt the imperceptible hand on her shoulder. She glanced over her shoulder to see the person behind her, however it was difficult for her to see the appearance of her company. She blinked startle, as she realized something, though she didn't see the face of the invisible monster.

“I am summoning ‘Summoner Monk’ here,” Cream declared as she returned her attention to the duel, placed the drawn card onto the duel disk’s blade.

The dark Spellcaster-type monster exited the incoming card frame, revealed him in the purple robe, before he sat in the position in which his card form automatically shifted into defense position. His stats were to be 1600 DEF with Level 4. The duelist then pulled a Spell Card from her hand.

“I am activating the effect of ‘Summoner Monk’, by ditching ‘Spell Power Grasp’ to Special Summon ‘Magical Exemplar’ from my Deck,” she explained as her Deck shuffled before it emerged the card on the top.

Cream drew an emerging card and placed it onto the blade, which summoned a lady in lime green-colored robe. Her stats were to be 1700 ATK with Level 4.

“Then I flip summon ‘Apprentice Magician’ and give the Spell Counter to ‘Magical Exemplar’ when his Summon Window is enclosed,” the protagonist declared her next move.

As she flipped the card on the blade, the young blond magician jumped from the defending card as the latter form vanished. He wore the purple jumpsuit with two stripes on each of his shoulder. His stats were to be 400 ATK with Level 2 while he sent the counter onto the magician in green color.

“Lastly, I remove the Spell Counter from ‘Magical Exemplar’ to Special Summon ‘Effect Veiler’ from my hand,” Cream added as she transferred the monster from her hand to the field.

The fairy monster appeared onto the battlefield, dressed in white sleeveless tunic, with the arm-sleeves and a pair of the black leggings with a pair of the pink ballet shoes. Her stats were to be 0 ATK with Level 1, included the fact that she’s a Tuner-type.

“Then I am Synchro Summon ‘Arcanite Magician’, by sending ‘Effect Veiler’ as her Tuner-type, along with ‘Magical Exemplar’ and ‘Apprentice Magician’ as her non-Tuner-type monsters,” the doe stated as she sent the Synchro Materials to the Graveyard before pulled out the Synchro Monster from her Extra Deck and slapped it onto the blade as she finished her sentence, “In the defense position.”

The powerless magician was suddenly burst into the white light, before it transformed into a single white halo and descended down onto two non-LIGHT monsters, removed their colors and made their Level stars appearing. Once the stars lined up and the white barrier appeared, it reformed into the completely new magician – ‘Arcanite Magician’, in which she appeared in the white robe with few lavender marks on the said robe. She sat into the defense position with the staff in her left hand as her stats revealed as 1800 DEF with Level 7. On the sphere of her staff shone as she gained two Spell Counters once the Summon Window closed.

“Lastly, I am removing a Spell Counter from ‘Arcanite Magician’ to destroying your ‘Memoir World’,” Cream declared the final move of the duel.

‘Arcanite Magician’ lifted her staff and pointed it at the Field Spell Card, in which she shot the magic beam at it and destroyed it in one go. Memoir snapped out of her insanity side as the Spell Card shattered into the million pixels, along with ‘Earthbound God – Monograph’, which couldn't stay together without some aids from the Field Spell Card. The dark monster started to dissolve as the seedrian softened up before she took the said monster off the blade and looked at it with her now white eyes.
Hidden Duels Chapter 33
Chapter 33: Eighth Earthbound God

For your information, this also happened during "Yu-So: Fast Turbo to the Future" section, but before Twilight Cream's encounter with Yang Cream, which are two chapters before this one.

* Cream, along with her friends, belong to Sonic Team, mainly Sonic X
* Memoir, along with her cards; new and old, belong to me
* Remaining of Yu-Gi-Oh! (mainly Cream's deck) belong to Konami/UDE

Chapter 32:…
Chapter 34: Coming Soon...

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Frederick Burnsworth
United States
The avatar I am using is belong to Kryptid, give him a thanking for a share!

Current Residence: Augusta, Georgia
Favourite Cartoon Character: Yusei Fudo
Personal Quote: "One must walk the path that oneself created, not other."

Just in case if you catch up with my stuffs. I will including the following stories; “Five Nights at Acorn’s”, “Fw$e T1n34 @@ 537|)4”, “Speedy Ponyhog” and couple other stories that I had been working on.

The first two stories are based on “Five Nights at Freddy’s”, but with different bunch of gangs. “Acorn’s” is actually Sally’s family name. And it will be set in Acorn’s Castle, and your point of view would be Sonic’s. While the second one is based on Nintendo’s second most famous series of games, I am sure you, the Nintendo fans, would figure that one out at ease.

For “Speedy Ponyhog”; I managed to get one user interesting into it when I explained it to him - as I have seen couple of fan written stories about Sonic and Dashy, but they both were happening in Dashy’s universe, rather than Sonic’s. So that’s where I stepped into. And for the characters, you would believe that it’s center on Sonic/Dashy pair, then you’re wrong - I am not only centering on them, but also their friends who would pairing up with each other, yes, included Spike - that lil Spyro-ripoff character. Therefore that made up to the total of 7 pairs in all.

While I am still working on the nigh end part of Volume 1 chapters, I will cover up the slot with “Sonic the Cat” story, that I was supposed to finishing like ages ago, in the place of the Set of Volume that ended earlier, like Memoir’s Tales, Cream’s Tales, etc. anything other than the one that went up to 7 Chapters each. That was the reason I made up my mind to working my process to that end beforehand. THEN I can use that chance to catch up with “Sonic the Cat” story.

So please forgive me for being so slowly on writing the stories - I am aware that I kept getting the blocks/obstructs while I was supposed to do them down. I blame myself for put too much interesting on “Five Nights at Freddy’s” and its clones spinoff (Treasure Islands, Thomas, Fredbear Fanmade, etc.) as well as put all my strength to improving the Five Nights at Freddy’s Wikia in some ways. That was the reason why I slowly invested two more stories along the way on this journal. And I also had to clean up all Hidden Duels preview, as I am currently working on the Duel between Cream and “Orange Horse” fellow - and I kept getting myself stuck in some situation because of YouTube addiction.

If you have any question, feel free comment here or at my profile, and I will be happy to respond them back as soon as possible.

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